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It doesn't surprise me that it took me a damn long time to find out that New Orleans is underwater with people dieing left and right. Hell no, I don't watch normal news, or read it for that matter. I just don't care enough to. What really surprises me is that our government seems to have found out after I was well aware of the situation. What the fuck? The United States Government knew about something after I did? Aren't they supposed to know about everything first? Just wow, I have a hard time seeing that as the truth that it is.

I guess that city is totally fucked. Makes me glad I didn't decide to go to Tulane, I wouldn't have a school right now if I had decided to accept one of their eight-million letters they sent to me. The unprepared city of New Orleans would have ruined my education with one fell sweep of retardation. Really now, dirt levees? Dirt? I think we can forgive the fact that they were built several feet below sea level next to the coast--the city is several hundred years old--but they could have been better prepared for something of this nature.

Don't misunderstand me, I feel sorry for those people that weren't able to evacuate or chose not to (slightly less so for those who chose not to). If I weren't so lazy and stingy I'd do something to help, or at least think about it from time to time. I talked with Jared about this last night and I believe he and I both decided that the city itself was wholly responsible for the grave miscalculation in just how much a pile of dirt can withstand. Not to mention the close proximity of a toxic canal or river or whatever it was to the city. I guess this really proves that hindsight is twenty-twenty. In my opinion it was a pot of water waiting to boil over.

Now on to news about comic stuff.

It seems now that I've settled into life here at college I've got a lot of free time. This is good and bad for me. First off it means I'm going to get involved in stuff like watching fuck-tons of anime and playing a lot of games (once Ryuyi is up and running again). Second it means I have less of an excuse for not having As in all of my classes. Third I also have no excuse for not working on the comic, or producing some sort of art work to annoy you all with. So expect that stuff to start coming in soon when I have Ryuyi up, as well as a working ftp going on Daedal.

Also, Jared tells me the barbeque is on Monday. I assume everyone knows this, and really no one that it concerns reads my LJ, except Jared who decided this anyway. So moot point.
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