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Data Loss

An Unfortunate event follows, if you don't want to hear it just skip to the next dotted line.


Jared lost his job, Kirk's grandmother died, and David's appartment got broken into. I was just glad shit didn't happen to me; I expressed my sympathies, and everyone knew that I was there for them if they needed me. Even if I didn't say it out loud. That's a separate sentence there because I know that I sometimes don't tell other people how I feel, even in their times of need. However, now it is time for my tragic tale to be told.

Everything I did, ever is now gone. It seems my 'unfortunate event' was to lose the 'physical' possesions that were really apart of my soul. In the same way that one's relationship with their friends forms a special part of that person's heart. All of the work I put into the comic (yes I still plan on having one) is gone. All of the homework I've ever done at a keyboard is gone. All of my art, in all forms, is now gone. Every small little program I collected for one purpose or another is now gone. A large portion of my anime collection is now gone. Any file that I ever really cared about is now gone. It wasn't because I was careless, but rather because I wasn't careful enough. Maybe I should have had more than just the one back up.

I had most of that data stored on my brand new computer, Ryuyi; however, Ryuyi's raid array just recently decided to quit life. A little while after that I returned home from my dorm to Daedal, one of my most reliable computers ever. Moments after I compressed the beige, circular button to bring the machine to life a clicking sound stopped my heart in it's tracks. Nothing had apparently happened, but closer inspection revealed that the raid that held all of my precious data had failed. A day later I am confident I can say that no manner of magical dance is going to restore life to either array. The data is gone. The closest friend I have is gone.

For all of you who don't understand why losing some files is devestating to someone like me, go find something that makes you feel complete and sheltered. It may be a collection of cds, a dog, or possibly a worn baby blanket, I really don't know. Then toss it in a river, and watch it float away, forever. And don't take the time to say good bye to it, just let it go. Then you might have an understanding of what I just had to realize an hour ago.


I'll update again when I have a working computer and time to draw/color. Classes are going to be pretty easy this semester, so that should be soon enough.
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